We offer the best infrastructure to give you the best opportunities and comfort during your study.

St. Joseph’s Academy is a conglomerate of the first three tiers of the Co-Educational Institution, which the founder Very Rev. Fr. Kevin Nwosu found expedient to bring together for an all round development of any child admitted into the School. All her teachers are graduates and professional teachers who are desperate to impact knowledge into these children. Teachers who are lucky to work with St. Joseph’s Academy have the rare opportunity of receiving monthly seminars which equip them to carry out their responsibilities appropriately. The learning environment is so captivating that no child wouldn’t want to learn in such a conducive place. We run E-learning studies for the three tiers-Nursery, Primary and Secondary sections with more than 30 functioning computers to support this day modern learning. St. Joseph’s Academy Library contains all the required textbooks, literature and other important materials and instrument needed for every child’s upbringing in our institution, and we can assure you of the proper guide of your child towards the utilization of these opportunities mentioned. We are St. Joseph’s Academy!